The 10-week program is designed so that every graduate is more than prepared to be successful in their future role as a dental assistant. You will be provided with the tools to enter any office and make an immediate impact. To ensure you’re prepared for current practices, we focus on the most modern tech in the digital dentistry. We will also teach you the necessary skills that will help you find and land a job right after graduating. You will learn how to draft a resume and how to position yourself as the ideal candidate for an office seeking the best talent. Once you complete the course you will still need to pass the CDA to become a certified dental assistant. Learn more about the CDA and fill out the application forms here.

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Take a look at the schedule below to learn more about each week’s topic.

Current Term – Weekly Topics

  • Week 1 Intro to Modern Dental Assisting (Dr. Matt Kraner)
  • Week 2 Infection Control and OSHA (Kim Skelton)
  • Week 3 The Science of Dentistry (Dr. Greg Kraner)
  • Week 4 Oral Health and Prevention of Disease
  • Week 5 New Patient Record Data
  • Week 6 Dental Materials
  • Week 7 Chair side Dental Assisting
  • Week 8 Comprehensive Patient Care
  • Week 9 Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Week 10 Communication and Professionalism


Classes are scheduled to meet every Saturday over the duration of the 10-week course. Please review the schedule of upcoming sessions below to determine which is one is the best fit for you.

  • Spring 2022
  • Summer 2022
  • Fall 2022


Dental Assistant TrainingIncluded in the registration fee is a copy of the Modern Dental Assisting by Bird Robinson, 11th edition . We will follow the easy-to-understand lessons of modern dental assisting provided within the textbook. This tool provides a complete foundation of the basic and advanced skills you must master to achieve clinical competence. The book includes photographs and easy-to-follow instructions to teach common dental assisting procedures.



Course Signup Requirements: GED or High school graduation.

Become A Certified Dental Assistant

Upon completing the dental assisting program you will earn a CADA certificate of completion. However, in order to become a certified dental assistant you will need to take and pass the CDA. You can learn more about how and where to take this test by visiting the MO Dental Assisting National Board site. You can also access the files below to start filling out your application now.

Applications for DANB – Administered Exams Recognized or Required in Missouri:

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