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Modern Dentistry Difference

Serving the Greater St. Louis Area, The Center for Advanced Dental Assisting (CADA) is the modern approach to dental assisting school. While many dental assisting programs may focus on outdated techniques and systems, CADA offers students the chance to learn high-tech, modern dentistry that Dentists are implementing in their practices today. Training on the latest technology and techniques will help set you apart from your competition when it comes job search and raise time. Classes are taught by practicing dentists, expanded function dental assistants, hygienists, and renowned speakers in the dental field, giving you diverse perspectives and needed skills. Explosive growth in the dental industry is fueling the need for qualified assistants trained in the latest technology.

If you are interested in learning how you can gain the skills needed to excel in the dental field in just 10 weeks, this is the program for you!

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Dental Assisting Programs

Course Preview: Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern Digital Photography. This course covers the use of both intra oral and extra oral digital photography in the dental practice. DSLR cameras with macro lens capture the details needed to relay information to the patient, the dental laboratory and dental team. Get ready to become a master in photography and increase your value in the dental office. View the entire class curriculum.

CADA Dental Assisting School

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Sign up today to take advantage of this fantastic dental assisting program and begin your career in the dental industry. Once you complete the course, you will be well equipped with what you need to know in order to enter the field of high-tech digital dentistry. There is a huge demand for qualified assistants today, and our program is designed to maximize the time learning. Our focus will be high-tech, modern dentistry, just as we practice.

We are dedicated to giving students the dental assistant training they deserve!