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Success Story

Supriya Autenrieth

I graduated from CADA in August of 2021! The assistants, doctors and teachers were so thorough, helpful, intelligent and fun!

This class prepared me for my first dental assisting job right after graduation! I’m so grateful for this experience with CADA and highly recommend this accelerated program for anyone wanting to get into the beautiful world of dentistry!

Just a year after graduating, I’ve gotten my expanded functions and wouldn’t have been able to do it without the starting blocks of CADA!

Success Story

Allie Spell

Allie took Center for Advanced Dental Assisting in the fall class of 2017. She had originally gone through CADA to get out of the fast food business and get herself started in dentistry.

Her plan was to work as a dental assistant while getting her pre-requisites for dental hygiene school. Allie ended up enjoying dental assisting so much that she changed her career path and decided to pursue dental assisting full on.

She has gone on to get her CDA and Expanded Functions license and is currently the Team Leader of the dental assisting team at Kraner Family Dentistry.

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